Stock Your Pantry At The Best Bulk Foods Stores In Perth (2023)

If you like cooking, helping the environment or just prefer to shop local, the bulk foods store is your number one friend. There’s something really satisfying about filling up your reusable jars, containers and bags with real produce.

Next time you run out of pasta, cereal, spices or just about anything, head to one of these awesome bulk foods stores in Perth and stock up.

Kakulas Brothers


Kakulas Brothers in Northbridge is without a doubt one of the best bulk foods stores in Perth. They stock by-the-kilo spices, grains, coffee beans, seeds, teas, nuts and just about everything else you can think of (including some delectable chocolate-coated goodies), plus everything is very reasonably priced, proving that waste-free doesn't have to be hard on the hip pocket.

The Storehouse Fremantle

South Fremantle

With everything from beans, flours and spices to reusable cups, beeswax wraps and beauty products, The Storehouse Fremantle has everything you need to live your very best waste-free life. Usually, you can BYO containers, but if you don't want to go in,you can order online here. Don’t forget to add a sneaky snack to your order; the chocolate covered pretzels and the vegan rocky road will knock your socks off.

Wasteless Pantry

Bassendean, Mundaring and Greenwood

If you’re trying to live a life as waste-free as possible, the Wasteless Pantriesin Bassendean and Mundaring have you covered. The stores are full to the brim with package-free groceries including everything from baking powder, cake mixes and dried fruits to oils, maple syrup and falafel mix. Plus, they’ve got a whole range of cleaning and personal hygiene products, as well as all of the reusable containers you could ever need.

For those of you trying to limit contact with the outside world,download their product list, let them know what you need and they'll shop for you. You'll just need to go and pick it up. For bulk foods in Perth, you can’t beat this place.

The Source Bulk Foods

Floreat, Victoria Park And Clarkson

With three WA stores under their belt, The Source Bulk Foods is shaping up to be the most convenient spotto get bulk foodsin Perth. Stocking everything you could ever need for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between, as well as superfoods, household and health products. The Source even has a bush tucker range of quintessentially Australian products like wattleseed, wild Kakadu plum powder and billy tea. They've got an easy-to-navigate online store if you'd prefer to shop online and have your bulk food delivered.

The Clean Food Store

Shenton Park

One of the prettiest bulk foods stores in Perth, The Clean Food Store in Shenton Park is all about organic, natural and sustainable foods. As well as some delicious organic bread, healthy takeaway goodies, coffees and fresh cold pressed juices, smoothies and kombuchas, they sell bulk goods like nuts, cereals, seeds, flours, herbs and sweets. Don’t forget to BYO jars and your reusable coffee cup.

Kakulas Sister

Fremantle And Nollamara

From their humble beginnings running a ginger beer stand in the Freo train station in the 1920s, the Kakulas family has always been passionate about local and sustainable food, which is why it was so fitting when they opened Fremantle bulk foods store Kakulas Sister back in 1994. A popular spot on the cappuccino strip, since then the store has found a second home in Nollamara and both sell only the best bulk produce including beans, cereals, coffee beans and flours.

Both stores are currently offering a home delivery option on Thursdays—they will deliver to suburbs within a 10km radius of each store, with a delivery fee of $10 for orders under $200. Place your order by emailing them at or calling them at 94304445 (Fremantle) or 9440 0642 (Nollamara).

Loose Produce

Victoria Park

With bulk foods galore, organic, gluten-free, vegan, raw and biodynamic produce as well as a cafe, Loose Produce is a stomping ground for healthy people in Perth. On top of their rice, pasta, nuts, body and baby products, and eggs, they’ve also got fresh fruit and veggies. Be sure to pick up a coffee from the cafe while you browse.

Manna Wholefoods

South Fremantle

A haven for the hippies of Perth, Manna Wholefoods is one of the best places to buy bulk foods in Perth. They stock all of the bulk goods that you’ll need (including honey, peanut butter and organic pasta), as well as fresh produce and environmentally friendly body, baby and pet products. Be sure to bring your own bags.

The team here is delivering between 1pm and 3pm every weekday.Someone will need to be home when they deliver—though this shouldn’t be a problem. Click here for a rundown on their delivery zones and charges.

Dunn & Walton


in Doubleview is the place to go for all those foodie items that health nuts are Instagramming these days. They stock predominantly Australian-grown organic fresh produce and they are very fussy about the products they sell (everything has to be high quality and certified organic). You’ll find dates, quinoa, goji berries, oats, rice and loads more in their bulk food bins, but if you want to stay home they've made things easy with fresh fruit and veg boxes and all your staples available on the online store.

They deliver on Wednesdays and Saturdays to locations within a 25km radius of their store, but you can contact them if you fall outside of that zone to make other arrangements.

Angry Almond

Nedlands And Subiaco

Sitting pretty on Princess Road in Nedlands and Rokeby Road in Subiaco, Angry Almond is stocking all the usual bulk foods suspects. From rice, cereals and a huge variety of flours to dried fruits, nuts, tea and coffee, these guys also do some of the best Turkish delight known to mankind. You can also take your own bottle and stock up on the extra virgin olive oil at the Nedlands store.

Liquorice Gourmet Foods


If your waste-free lifestyle has you craving sugar and chocolate big time, Liquorice Gourmet Foods is your go to. They’ve got all of the lollies and chocolates you can imagine, as well as nuts, tea and spices aplenty. It’s impossible to leave empty handed.

Organic On Charles

North Perth

For some of Perth’s best bulk foods and organic produce head to Organic On Charles in North Perth. This busy little corner store stocks some of the freshest organic fruit and vegetables, as well as certified organic products which you can fill your reusable containers with.

These guys are delivering on Tuesdays and Fridays—you can check if they’ll deliver to your suburb here.


Rockingham And Mandurah

Pantryman has got you covered with everything from health foods and healthy snacks, to cake mixes and desserts.You're sure to find everything that you need to keep your pantry—and stomach—full of the best quality nosh.Register an account with them here to sort out your online orders.

Weigh 'N' Pay


This small storehas a big heart and is full ofamazing organic items. Head here for some organic teas, rice, flours, herbs and spices, and plenty of sweet treats. If you're a budding chef, you might also want to check out their cake decorating and baking supplies. It's so much easier than your ordinary supermarket; just weigh, pay, and be on your way.Delivery is free for local orders $50 and over, otherwise the flat rate delivery to the rest of Perth is $10.

GURU Wholefoods


Next time you're at the Fremantle Markets, swing by GURU Wholefoods with your jars and product bags to fill up on bulk goods like beans, lentils, nuts, seeds and dried fruits. You can even bottle your own peanut butter and grab a kombucha slushie. On your way out, swing past the fruit and veggie section to load up on plastic-free fresh produce. It's waste-free shopping at its best. If you'd prefer to shop from home, you'll be pleased to hear that they deliver to most suburbs in Perth for just $5.

European Foods

Stockists of the finest European produce, European Foods has everything you need when it comes to bulk foods. Shop on their online marketplace and stock up on pasta, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. They’ve also got a huge range of coffee beans, alternative milks and syrups for the coffee-lovers to check out. Delivery is free to suburbs bound by Reid, Tonkin and Roe highways—head here to place your order now.



While you won't find many edible items at ZERO STORE at The Raw Kitchen, this is the go-to spot for all of your plastic-free items. Think cosmetics, hair, beauty and cleaning products, essential oils and fermenting supplies, along with zero waste alternative wares.

Think trash is for tossers? Here’s a Simple Guide To Going Plastic Free.

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