Five things you need to know today (2023)

Transport and Environment Committee

The now monthly meeting of the committee with possibly the largest brief on the council meets today.

The meeting will commence with deputations from six groups, some of these in person rather than written.

On the agenda there is a progress report on the provision of secure cycle parking – or bike hangars on the street. It is an important way to encourage people to take up active travel and either leave their cars at home or get rid of them. We feel the numbers here are important and we have written two articles on the subject here and here.

Since we published our second article, the administration has added a few more numbers by way of addendum, including looking at options for bringing the service in-house rather than leaving it to Cyclehoop to run, and getting an update on ways to reduce the cost for those on low incomes or who are registered as disabled.

The SNP Group agree with this approach and want the council to look at certain areas like the North West, South West and East of the city to improve the provision of secure cycle parking there both now and in the future. And the SNP councillors also want the council to raise awareness of the scheme with more information on existing units and on social media. The Greens want the council to look at raising extra revenue from the most polluting vehicles as a strategy to encourage people to move from private cars to active travel. And they also want to bring management in-house. This might yet prove difficult as the Cyclehoop set up is to sell the infrastructure (the hangars and on street bike racks) and then manage and maintain it. In any case if the council brings management in-house they might then have to source the hangars elsewhere, making an in-house arrangement uneconomic.

And the Tories want officers to speak to local councillors about the sites being used (whereas the Transport Convener is clear that demand from users will determine where the bike hangars are put).

The matter of the Leith Walk planters will be discussed. These were unanimously supported by the council and all considered the side benefits of greening and biodiversity were all welcome. But the SNP think the planters used are too big – some encroach on the walkway or cycle lane.

On another topic, the SNP group have noted there is little or no progress on adopting the Powderhall Railway line for walking and wheeling, and have asked that the Transport Convener writes to the CEO of Network Rail asking for decisive action.

But it is most probably the communal bins which will raise arguments along party lines.

Follow the proceedings here from 10am

egg & co have a new base

egg & co have put their neon sign in a new office at 23 Union Street where it is all about egg & co-working. This is their new permanent home with offices, hot desks, a Zoom room, podcast studio and a coffee roastery for their members to book and enjoy.

Now and until the first week of June they also have a pop-up shop with LoveRose Lingerie. For information about the co-working desks email them

And for those who are still wondering what egg & co is – it is the country’s largest on and offline community for women.

Debut photography exhibition

A new exhibition by Edinburgh artistEllen Renton,inspired by theinstamatic poetry of the influential Scottish poetEdwin Morgan,is open now at Agitate Gallery on Haymarket Terrace.

Read more here

Five things you need to know today (1)

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

This ride takes place on Sunday in Edinburgh when men are invited to dress up with elegance and take their classic and vintage style motorcycles out for a ride while raising funds and awareness of men’s health issues. This is just one of many rides taking place around the world which will feature 100,000 riders. There is still time to register – all you need is an old motorbike.

The ride is partnered up with charity Movember which has a strategic goal of men living happier, healthier and longer lives.

Counting down to DGR. Which city will you be riding in?

Register, donate and ride on 21 May 2023 at

— The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride (@gentlemansride) May 16, 2023

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Five things you need to know today (2)

New car park now open in city centre

Phyllis Stephen

Q-Park have opened the new Capital Square car park on Morrison Street. The 110 space car park is the third in their Edinburgh portfolio. The company have been an ever-growing presence in Edinburgh since 2013 when they took over the car park underneath the OMNI Centre and began to modernise and improve the well-established car…

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All Back To Vinyl – Paul McCartney and Wings

Richard Purden

Paul McCartney and Wings – Red Rose Speedway First released 50 years ago this month, a new vinyl edition of Red Rose Speedway on half-speed mastering by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios allows a different perspective from some at the time of release. Critics could be particularly uncharitable to McCartney’s post-Beatles output during the…

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Over 50 shopping trolleys hooked in Almond clean up

Nigel Duncan

A staggering total of 55 shopping trolleys were removed from the River Almond by members of West Lothian Angling Association (WLAA) during an initiative and that’s not all. Trolleys from leading supermarket chains were prominent with over 30 from one but bikes, scooters, road signs and fencing were also lifted from the water along with…

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Five things you need to know today

Phyllis Stephen

World Ocean Day Wardie Bay Beachwatch invite everyone to come for a swim on 8 June fro 7pm to celebrate the fact that a bathing water designation has been awarded to the area by Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero and Just Transition, Màiri McAllan. Legs Eleven at Ocean Terminal Ocean Terminal has secured a…

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Rathbone back as injury cover at Bullets

Nigel Duncan

Berwick Bullets have re-signed Ben Rathbone to cover for injury victim Archie Freeman. The 26-year-old from Middlesbrough has initially signed a 28-day contract and will take his place in the side when the Bullets return to the track against Oxford Chargers on June 3. Rathbone (pictured by Nia Martin) made 26 appearances for the club…

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House! Eyes down at Ocean Terminal

Phyllis Stephen

CLUB 3000 BINGO TO OPEN AT OCEAN TERMINAL Ocean Terminal has agreed a long-term lease with Club 3000 Bingo, the UK’s largest independent bingo operator, and a new purpose-built, state-of-the-art club will open at the centre next year. Once the new club is built, Club 3000 Bingo will move from its current Edinburgh venue in…

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