Clickup vs. Trello: Which is Best for Small Teams? (2023)

  • Task and project management tools are essential for any organization, but they become even more important when dealing with small teams. Small teams lack the resources to juggle multiple projects at once, making project management tools necessary to keep the team organized and productive. With so many different tools available, it can be hard to know which one is best.

    Let us introduce you to Clickup and Trello; two of the most well-known and user-friendly management tools to keep the content flowing.

    BTW IFTTT is an automation tool that save you time. We integrate with both ClickUp & Trello along with almost 800 other tools. Start automating your project management with IFTTT today!

    Similarities of Clickup and Trello

    ClickUp offers a range of features for project management that make it an excellent tool for any size organization. It allows users to create lists, assign tasks, share documents, track progress, and even set deadlines. Clickup also has a variety of visual customization options, allowing users to create customized workflows and view entire projects at one glance.

    Trello is another popular task management tool for small teams. It allows users to easily organize tasks into distinct lists or boards, making it easy to keep track of what needs to be done.

    Both tools allow users to comment on tasks, assign tasks to other users and receive notifications when tasks are completed. This makes it easy for team members to stay informed of any changes or updates that may be required.

    In this guide, we'll explore the key differences between Clickup and Trello, as well as identify their automation potential with IFTTT.

    Table of Contents

    ClickUp vs. Trello - Key Differences

    ClickUp and Trello are two of the most popular task management tools for small teams. While both offer powerful features to help manage projects, there are some key differences that make one a better fit for certain types of teams.

    ClickUp offers more flexibility when it comes to organizing tasks, with its list-based system. This allows teams to create custom workflows and view project tasks in one glance. It also offers more advanced features such as task dependencies, reminders, and notifications, which can all help keep team members accountable and on track.

    Trello's board-based organization may be better for teams that need visual representations of progress or like a simple way to organize tasks. It also offers built-in automation tools and integrations, so small teams can easily connect with other services they use to manage their workflows and focus on only what is important.

    Cost Comparison

    In terms of free task management software, ClickUp and Trello both offer similar plans, with some limitations when compared to the paid versions. Trello's free option and ClickUp's 'Forever Free' plan provide access to core features such as lists and boards, task management, reminders and notifications, file attachments, and more.

    ClickUp's Paid Task Management Software Plans:

    Unlimited ($5 per month): As the name suggests, Unlimited keeps all the features from the free version, but with unlimited storage, integrations, and dashboards.

    Business ($12 per month): Building on the last plan, Business adds on Google Single Sign On, unlimited teams, and custom exporting options. The Business plan will be best for mid-sized teams.

    Business Plus ($19 per month) and Enterprise: Here we start pushing the envelope of what small teams might need. With Business Plus and Enterprise, users can access team sharing and subtasks, as well as many other tools.

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    Trello's Paid Task Management Software Plans:

    Standard ($5 per month): Standard builds on the free version while adding some helpful goodies such as unlimited boards, advanced checklists, custom fields, and unlimited storage.

    Premium ($10 per month): In Premium, everything from Standard is included. The extra five dollars will get you workspace views, unlimited Workspace command runs, and additional admin and security features

    Note that Trello also offers an Enterprise plan, but pricing starts at 50 people per company, which takes this plan a bit too far out of the "small teams" applicability.

    Trello and ClickUp Set-Up Comparison

    Clickup vs. Trello: Which is Best for Small Teams? (2)

    Setting up both ClickUp and Trello is relatively straightforward. To get started, users will need to create an account within the respective platform. Once that's done, it's time to start setting up boards or lists for project tasks. After that, customization options will become available, allowing users to adjust settings and preferences as needed.

    We believe that ClickUp's setup process is slightly more straightforward and intuitive. The platform allows users to jump right in and get started without having to mess around with too much customization.

    Trello's setup process is slightly more convoluted, as users may need to familiarize themselves with the different features available in order to make the most of their boards. That said, Trello's visual interface makes it easy for users to quickly set up and view their projects at a glance, and some may appreciate the added customization options.

    ClickUp and Trello Feature Comparison

    Clickup vs. Trello: Which is Best for Small Teams? (3)

    ClickUp Features:

    • File attachments, comments, checklists, and task dependencies

    • Automation tools and integrations to other services

    • Advanced reporting & dashboards

    • Time tracking and resource planning capabilities.

      (Video) clickup vs. asana vs. trello // best project management tool for you

    Trello Features:

    • Drag and drop boards with the ability to create multiple lists and cards within each board

    • Integrations with other services such as Google Drive, Slack, Evernote, etc.

    • A plethora of search & sorting capabilities

    • Customizable notifications & reminders

    Automation & Integration Comparison

    IFTTT has multiple pre-made automations for both ClickUp and Trello that help streamline workflows. Automations allow you to set up "if this, then that" triggers so that tasks are completed automatically when certain conditions are met. With IFTTT enabled on both platforms, users can create automated reminders, notifications, task assignments, and more.

    Managing a large team can be challenging because of the difficulty involved in assigning tasks to each team member, monitoring their progress, and ensuring your availability for their needs. For small teams that may not have a large HR and management staff, getting employees the information they need without any effort can be a game-changer.

    Simply set up the IFTTT Applet of your choice, and watch as your most time-consuming chores become behind-the-scenes productivity miracles.

    Popular Clickup Automations & Integrations:

    Create ClickUp tasks from certain Google Calendar events

    Quickly add new tasks in ClickUp by sending an email

    Browse our whole ClickUp catalog here:

    Popular Trello Automations & Integrations:

    Quickly add a new card to a Trello board

    (Video) ClickUp vs Trello | Task management review for Online Business owners

    Trello in your calendar

    Trello tasks assigned to me go into Todoist

    Browse our whole Trello catalog here:

    Clickup vs. Trello - Which Should a Small Team Choose?

    Clickup vs. Trello: Which is Best for Small Teams? (4)

    For small teams, it's important to look for a project management app that prioritizes collaboration and allows everyone to stay in sync. Both ClickUp and Trello offer powerful features for task organization, file attachments, checklists, and more.

    In the end, IFTTT's available automations and integrations will make the decision easier. You can pick either platform with confidence, knowing you can get the most out of it by using IFTTT to automate repetitive tasks.

    Ultimately, here at IFTTT, our favorite choice for small teams would be Trello. Much of this boils down to the automations available for Trello, which are more diverse and widely used across our system. With the click of a button, Trello cards can be added to Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Todoist, and many more. It's one of the best simple task management software on the market today.

    Additionally, we believe that Trello's Premium plan offers more usability features for small businesses when compared to ClickUp's Business Plan, which is two dollars more per month as well.

    In terms of plan structure, ClickUp is geared slightly more towards larger businesses, leaving some of the niche operations small businesses would require behind.

    Integrate Your Project Management Software with IFTTT

    Clickup vs. Trello: Which is Best for Small Teams? (5)

    For small teams looking to streamline their project management, IFTTT is the ideal solution. We offer a wide range of automations and integrations that let you create custom triggers between ClickUp and Trello (and many other apps). This means you can save time on repetitive tasks, get everyone on the same page, and increase your team's productivity.

    Ready to get started? Head over to IFTTT and explore our library of applets for both ClickUp and Trello today! With IFTTT, you can have confidence knowing your project management will be a breeze.

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  • FAQs

    Which one is better Trello or ClickUp? ›

    Trello is the perfect platform for solopreneurs, small teams and personal projects. ClickUp offers a broader range of features for small to midsized businesses. The paid tiers in particular come with a wide range of time-tracking capabilities, customizable features and automation applications.

    What is the difference between ClickUp and Trello? ›

    ClickUp is more flexible and customizable than Trello. ClickUp offers more advanced workflow automation capabilities. ClickUp allows you to build custom dashboards and easily track relevant metrics and performance indicators. ClickUp is more affordable than Trello, which charges extra fees for Power-Ups.

    Why is Trello good for project management? ›

    Trello employs boards, cards, and lists for project management. Subtasks within a card can be made with checklists. Tasks can be allocated to several members, so they will be notified of any card changes.

    Why is Trello good for teams? ›

    Trello makes it easier for teams to manage projects and tasks. What is Trello? Trello is the visual tool that empowers your team to manage any type of project, workflow, or task tracking. Add files, checklists, or even automation: Customize it all for how your team works best.

    Why ClickUp is better? ›

    ClickUp users can manage their workloads with task checklists. Complex projects can be simplified by breaking them down into subtasks. The platform allows for different ways to view pending projects—list, boards, box, calendar and Gantt chart—to help keep track of deadlines, start dates and progress.

    Why is ClickUp so popular? ›

    ClickUp in particular is very popular due to its great range of pricing plans, wide set of features, and user-friendly design. But while ClickUp helps many people manage projects and get everyone on the team on the same page, it still has a couple of flaws.

    Who should use ClickUp? ›

    ClickUp works for every type of team, so all teams can use the same app to plan, organize, and collaborate.
    Some really cool things you can do with ClickUp:
    • Create views, customize them, and share them with anyone.
    • Add resources like Conversations, Docs, and even Mind Maps that you can work on without leaving ClickUp.
    Apr 28, 2023

    How do small businesses use ClickUp? ›

    How to get started using ClickUp for your small biz
    1. Create your Space & Folders. Folders within a Space in ClickUp. ...
    2. Create your Lists. ...
    3. Create tasks with Custom Fields. ...
    4. Create a budget. ...
    5. Create an order tracking system. ...
    6. Add helpful views to your Folders. ...
    7. Create time-saving Automations. ...
    8. Grow your team.
    Mar 8, 2022

    What is the alternative to Trello in MS teams? ›

    Microsoft Planner: At a Glance. Both Microsoft Planner and Trello offer a classic Kanban board for project and task management. Planner is part of the Microsoft 365 for Business suite of tools, so it integrates with a range of apps to help your team tackle just about any business area together.

    What is the most effective use of Trello? ›

    Add colored labels - One of Trello's best practices is adding colored labels to your cards. It's an excellent way to add more details or highlight important info. You can categorize your labels based on priority, task category, or team member. The possibilities are endless!

    Do project managers use Trello? ›

    IT project managers can use Trello to improve their team's workflow and efficiency, regardless of their methodology: Kanban, Scrum, or whatever works best for the project at hand.

    Why Trello is becoming a preferred team collaboration and communication tool? ›

    Over the last decade, Trello has become the preferred team collaboration and project management tool, with over 1,000,000 teams worldwide active on the platform. It's easy to see why, with its easy-to-use interface, well-organised cards and lists, and fun drag-and-drop functionality.

    Do product managers use Trello? ›

    Marketing teams Whether launching a new product, campaign, or creating content, Trello helps marketing teams succeed. Product management Use Trello's management boards and roadmap features to simplify complex projects and processes.

    Which is better than Trello? ›

    Asana, similar to Hive, also offers much more extensive customization than Trello, including custom fields, charts, and reporting. Asana also offers progress reporting and tracking, which are very useful when looking at project performance over time.

    Why is Trello so popular? ›

    Why is Trello so popular? Trello is so popular because, unlike other productivity tools like Asana or Monday, Trello lets users visually organize all their tasks in a way that makes sense to them and is easy for others on the team to understand what exactly needs to be done.

    Why might Trello be the best tool for agile teams that are just starting out? ›

    Its features aren't complex, meaning it doesn't occupy or obstruct the team from doing the work that matters. Trello is also very visual, allowing you to quickly see the stages of the project, the roles of team members, and the due dates of tasks.

    What problem does ClickUp solve? ›

    For companies of all sizes, ClickUp allows teams to plan projects in charts, collaborate in real-time with editable documents, and track productivity using analytics and reporting. The tool was also built with one other feature in mind: customization.

    Is ClickUp too complicated? ›

    ProProfs Project

    ClickUp can be overwhelming for new users with too many features to offer, making tool adoption difficult.

    Is ClickUp having problems? › is UP and reachable by us.

    What is the point of ClickUp? ›

    ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity tool built for teams of all types across any industry. You can plan, track, and collaborate on any project, build the perfect workflow for you and your team, create marketing campaigns, manage development sprints, and more all in one platform!

    How many people can use ClickUp? ›

    ClickUp vs. Competitors
    Max Users for Free PlanUnlimitedUp to 15 teammates
    Max Users for Paid PlanUnlimitedUnlimited
    Storage for Free Plan100 MBUnlimited file storage (100 MB per file)
    Mobile AppYesYes
    1 more row
    6 days ago

    Is ClickUp worth paying? ›

    ClickUp has a better feature set than competitors like, but it also offers less expensive plans, making it remarkably good value for what you pay. We found that the free plan, for example, has virtually everything you need to manage a project for a small team.

    Why do people love ClickUp? ›

    Customizable interface: ClickUp allows users to customize the app's layout, colors, and other visual elements to fit their preferences. Collaboration: ClickUp is designed for team collaboration and allows users to assign tasks, track progress, and communicate with team members.

    Is ClickUp good for one person? ›

    ClickUp isn't just for large teams! Whether you're a freelancer or just want to meet personal goals, there are plenty of tools within the platform to boost your project management routine.

    How do you use ClickUp in a team? ›

    Install the ClickUp and Microsoft Teams integration
    1. Visit the apps section of Microsoft Teams.
    2. Search for ClickUp.
    3. Click to open the app details.
    4. Click Add to install.
    5. Connect your ClickUp Workspace.
    6. All set! You've added ClickUp to your Microsoft Team.
    Jan 30, 2023

    Is Trello still being used? ›

    Trello is one of the most popular project management tools, and we're huge fans of it at Cloudwards. It's easy to use, has solid pricing and makes it easy to track tasks for beginners and veterans alike.

    What is the future of Trello? ›

    Soon, Trello will adapt to fit any part of a project's life cycle. New ways of viewing information in Trello will empower teams to visualize work in different ways at different stages. Teams will get brand new perspectives on their work depending on how they choose to view information.

    What problem does Trello solve? ›

    "Efficient Task Management with Trello"

    Trello's customizable features, collaborative functions, and compatibility across different platforms are also highly appreciated, as they help to simplify and optimize task management processes. These aspects make Trello a popular choice for both personal and professional use.

    Can you work offline with ClickUp? ›

    View Tasks Offline

    If you've already viewed a task, ClickUp remembers it. These tasks are then available to view even when your internet connection is down. Tip: ClickUp automatically stores data offline for all tasks in your Tray.

    Can you communicate in ClickUp? ›

    You can communicate with your team using ClickUp in so many ways. In ClickUp you can @mention team members in Docs and tasks, use Proofing, or Chat. Sometimes the conversation needs to be a meeting. Other times email is best.

    What is the best way to organize ClickUp? ›

    Break tasks into smaller levels of work using subtasks—each with its own description, assignees, due dates, and more. Break down big projects even further into multiple levels of nested subtasks. Create checklists within tasks and nest them to further organize complex projects or processes.

    Which company is Trello's closest competitor? ›

    Top 10 Alternatives to Trello
    • Smartsheet.
    • Asana.
    • ClickUp.
    • Basecamp.
    • Wrike.
    • Podio.

    Is Trello on teams free? ›

    The Trello Free plan offers the platform's core features. You can create unlimited personal boards, cards, lists, and up to 10 team boards. This isn't a free trial, either. You can use the Trello free plan for as long as you want.

    What is the Google equivalent of Trello? ›

    Google Keep and Trello are primarily classified as "Task Management" and "Project Management" tools respectively. Some of the features offered by Google Keep are: Add items to your shopping list without even touching the phone. Reminders in your Keep notes show up in Google Now too.

    Is Trello good for scheduling? ›

    Trello makes it easy for your team to get work done. No matter the project, workflow, or type of team, Trello can help keep things organized. It's simple – sign-up, create a board, and you're off! Productivity awaits.

    Is Trello good for collaboration? ›

    Collaborating on Trello requires no training

    Another thing that makes Trello so great for collaboration is its simplicity: anyone can begin using Trello from day one! This means there's no ramp-up time for new users (saving you time and money), and the tool is made available to virtually everyone in your company.

    Is Trello good for productivity? ›

    Trello's boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way. Increase your productivity with this board that can be used every day. Keep track of everything you do at work to help advocate for yourself.

    How to use ClickUp for project management? ›

    Steps to Setup Clickup Account
    1. Step 1: Sign Up With Your Email. ...
    2. Step 2: Select an Avatar. ...
    3. Step 3: Choose the Theme Color. ...
    4. Step 4: Add Integrations: Calendar, Time Tracking, and Cloud Storage. ...
    5. Step 5: Select a Workspace and a Team Size. ...
    6. Step 6: Set the Workspace Name. ...
    7. Step 7: Sent Invitation to Your Team.
    Feb 21, 2023

    Is Trello a waterfall or Agile? ›

    Trello can be used for both waterfall and agile planning methodologies, but due to the kanban board style, this tool works best with the agile method. However, a variety of views, including a traditional gantt chart view, allow you to work and make adjustments according to your preference.

    Is Trello a Scrum or kanban? ›

    Trello is a web-based Kanban project management application. It enables easy, real-time collaboration between team members and even multiple teams and projects.

    Which two tools are most useful for teams that want to collaborate online? ›

    The best online collaboration tools of 2023 in full:
    • Microsoft 365. Share and edit documents, now with messaging. ...
    • Slack. A collaboration tool which needs no introduction. ...
    • Asana. Organisation to the max. ...
    • Miro. The all-in-one collaboration platform. ...
    • Trello. An app for organising all your projects. ...
    • Podio. ...
    • Ryver. ...
    • Flock.
    Mar 6, 2023

    What are the limitations of free Trello? ›

    Trello Free

    Here's what you get on the free plan: Up to 10 open boards per free workspace. Unlimited Power-Ups (What are Power-Ups?) 10MB limit for each attachment (there is no total limit for storage, just a per-file limit)

    Can you communicate in Trello? ›

    Chat with your teammates directly within your Trello board! A Power-Up to help your team keep track of knowledge artifacts! See updated information and previews for any Box files or folders attached to a card. Visualize Trello cards in a calendar view.

    Who is the target customer of Trello? ›

    Trello is ideal for individuals, teams, and businesses of all sizes looking for a highly visual and intuitive task management and project management solution.

    What big companies use Trello? ›

    Companies that use Trello
    Company NameWebsiteRevenue$257 Billion$24 Billion$10 Billion$96 Million
    1 more row

    Is Trello considered a CRM? ›

    If you're still stuck on spreadsheets and documents to map out your CRM sales pipeline, you're probably pulling out your hair every day. Trello is the best customer relationship management (CRM) alternative you can opt for without breaking the bank for small or medium-sized businesses.

    What is the alternative to Trello for teams? › is a Trello alternative that's designed for teams. It has all the features users need to collaborate on projects, including a Kanban view, drag-and-drop functionality, task management and unlimited boards.

    What is the teams equivalent of Trello? ›

    Microsoft Planner: At a Glance. Both Microsoft Planner and Trello offer a classic Kanban board for project and task management. Planner is part of the Microsoft 365 for Business suite of tools, so it integrates with a range of apps to help your team tackle just about any business area together.

    Who is Trello's closest competitor? ›

    Top 10 Alternatives to Trello
    • Smartsheet.
    • Asana.
    • ClickUp.
    • Basecamp.
    • Wrike.
    • Podio.

    What is Trello best for? ›

    Trello is a popular project management application with a visually appealing Kanban-style design. The cards are easy for all team members to read, and it's a good place to start for project management software.


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